I'm new to Percona XtraBackup. I've been trying to perform a full backup stream from my local ( test server around 600GB ) to remote server.

I just have some questions and I need guides, and I think this is the best place.

I have this command, which I executed in my local

innobackupex --user=user --password=password --stream=tar /which/directory/ | pigz | ssh user@ "cat - > /mybackup/backup.tar.gz"

My questions are :

  • My log scan is not changing / increasing

    >> log scanned up to (270477048535)
    >> log scanned up to (270477048535)
    >> log scanned up to (270477048535)
    >> log scanned up to (270477048535)
    >> log scanned up to (270477048535)

    I've read a comment before and someone says log scan will not increase if no one is using the database. ( Yes, no one is using the database ) 

  • It's been running for a while.

    I've tried to use xtrabackup to a local test server with around 1.7TB and finished in just a few hours. Is this because I'm using stream that's why it is slow?

    What is the purpose of "/which/directory/" in my command? Is it going to store the file in /which/directory/ first and then transfer to my remote server ? Why do I have to specify a directory?

  • No created file on my local server /which/directory/ and to my remote server /mybackup/.

    Am I doing something wrong ?

Is there a much easier way to perform this?

My only goal is to backup my local database to a remote server, I'm doing this stream because I don't have enough disk space to store my backup locally.

I'm using MariaDB 5.5 and Percona XtraBackup 2.2

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    Did you get the solution of your problem. I have same problem of infinite loop of "log scanned upto" on taking full backup with the help of mariabackup utility on MariaDB. – Muhammad Rashid Oct 18 '18 at 19:38

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