I am looking at mysql installation (Version 5.7.19). The mysqld is running and has innodb_file_per_table set to on. Looking at the tables using a mysql client shows up that tables all have engine "InnoDB" set. There are files ibdata1 and ibdata2 in innodb_data_file_path and also the .ibd files. I wondering now since it was my newbee understanding that innodb_files_per_table obsoltes the ibdata* files? Am I wrong or is the presence of the .ibd files and ibdata* files at the same time an indication for a mis-configured database?

  • If you were hoping to shrink the disk space allocated to ibdata*, that is a different question. (And it has been Asked and Answered many times.)
    – Rick James
    Commented Apr 27, 2018 at 23:47

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ibdata1 stores InnoDB dictionary, undo segment(s), and doublewrite buffer. So, ibdata1 is needed regardless innodb_file_per_table setting.

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