Mongodb writes logs

2018-04-05T11:38:28.178+0000 W COMMAND [conn107] Use of the aggregate command without the 'cursor' option is deprecated. See http://dochub.mongodb.org/core/aggregate-without-cursor-deprecation.

How to find related query?


You need go thru your source code! Search all aggregate commands and add needed ,{cursor:{}} section. Check here!


As per MongoDB BOL here

Mongodb 3.4 deprecates the following commands and mongo shell methods:


group command and db.collection.group(). Use db.collection.aggregate() or db.collection.mapReduce() instead.

aggregate without cursor

MongoDB 3.4 deprecates the use of aggregate command without the cursor option, unless the pipeline includes the explain option. When returning aggregation results inline using the aggregate command, specify the cursor option using the default batch size cursor: {} or specify the batch size in the cursor option cursor: { batchSize: <num> }.

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