I'm very new to Database Modelling (using the Finkelstein methodology) and I'm getting confused on a modelling scenario in particular.

I am able to draw out the basics, however am running into some confusion with the intersecting and possibly types of entities (when the scenario refers to building style preferences).

Business rules

The relevant business domain is as follows:

  • An architectural firm has a number of architects working for it.

  • An architect may have more than one style of buildings they like to design on.

  • The firm’s clients hire the architects to work on a building projects. Each building project may have a number of architects who work on the same project over a period of time.

  • We need to record the project start date and the amount of time each architect spent on the project.

My current advance

What I have so far is this:

enter image description here


Can someone please tell me if I'm moving in the right direction?

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