I'm using a SQL-Server 2014 database with filestream enabled. To backup this database I'm using the powershell command Backup-SqlDatabase, which is equivalent (as fas as I know) to T-SQL BACKUP DATABASE. The backup is stored in a "mydatabase.bak" file. My question is very simple: is the filestream backed up as well by this command or do I have to take further steps zu back it up?

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    Regardless of the answer, it does never hurt to actually try a restore at least once.
    – eckes
    Apr 14, 2018 at 9:12

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Backups include both filestream data and relational data. Integrated management is one of the benefits of using filestream/filetable instead of storing files independently.

As suggested by the comments, practice recovery to ensure you can meet your RPO/RTO SLA objectives.

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