I am developing a trading system which stores data in SQLite, consisting of OHLC and volume. I would also like to store some indicators like RSI etc I read the other answer which indicated integers as the data type. In my case I am looking at 8 digit precision which would slow down the calculations if I were to multiply every value by 1e8 Any recommendations are appreciated!

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The FAQ pretty much explains the reason why you don't want to use their REAL data type for storing numbers with 8 decimal places.

(16) Why does ROUND(9.95,1) return 9.9 instead of 10.0? Shouldn't 9.95 round up?


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The trick of using an INTEGER to achieve your required level of precision has been used since computers existed.

With today's powerful CPUs, I wouldn't worry about the overhead of any additional calculations. You'll need to run benchmarks to (dis)prove my statement.

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IMHO - You shouldn't use a tool that doesn't support your requirements.

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