This is a question that was asked before, but I have tried all solutions, and simply cannot get it right. I have spent quite some time researching before posting this question. I have looked at the official MongoDB documents and many other blogs.

How to restore a .wt MongoDB backup file to a local MongoDB database?


Community wiki answer:

*.wt are binary data files used by the WiredTiger storage engine. Individual files are not usable as a standalone backup. If you want to take a file copy backup of a MongoDB dbPath you need to include all of the files using a Supported File Copy Backup Method.

If you have a valid file backup you can use it as the dbPath for another mongod instance. Aside from copying files, there is no restore special restore process for a file copy backup.

Can you clarify what files you have in your backup?

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    My disk partition has been corrupted, so I don't have dump files. I just have many *.wt files, a journal folder, and a diagnostic.data folder. Is it possible to recover my data from these files? – Kapil Sep 18 '18 at 9:30

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