I have used the 'Create Export' in the Logging section of Google Cloud Platform to export log entries into Big Query for analysis

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Here is part of the structure of the table in BigQuery that logs the log entry

enter image description here

I want to search for entries that contains this user id 14994838999176.

In BigQuery, I issue the following query (in standard SQL dialect),

SELECT * FROM gae_log.appengine_googleapis_com_request_log_20180323

where protoPayload.line.logMessage  like '%14994838999176%'

LIMIT 1000 

It failed with the error message:

 Query Failed

 Error: Cannot access field logMessage on a value with type 
 ARRAY<STRUCT<time TIMESTAMP, severity STRING, logMessage STRING, ...>> at [3:25]

How can I correct my sql statement?


The reason why this query failed is because you have a table with nested repeated field protoPayload.line (datatype RECORD).

You can try implicit unnesting, it would be something like:

FROM `gae_log.appengine_googleapis_com_request_log_20180323` as t, 
      t.protoPayload.line AS x
WHERE x.logMessage  like '%14994838999176%'

You can also have a look on how to query STRUCT elements in an ARRAY here.

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