I have a DEV Vertica database and need to create a new TST Vertica database. During the past few months both administrators and users have had pretty-much wide open access to do what ever was needed to get things working. Thus, the internal Vertica configuration/metadata is not well tracked nor understood. Im looking for a way to export all the internal configuration details and metadata needed to 1) Document what the current configuration is, and 2) Deploy that configuration to a new TST Vertica database. Some of the things I am looking for are:

  1. ACCESS/Authentication/LDAP config
  2. Profiles/Resource/Roles/Users/Options
  3. Object DDL, Flex tables, Schemas, Sequences
  4. Anything else metadata related to be able to document/reproduce the configuration.

You can use Vertica's vbr utility with copycluster task to copy an entire database to another cluster. This copies everything, including the data. See Copying the Database to Another Cluster

Alternately, you can use the EXPORT_CATALOG function. But it's limited to physical schema only, it doesn't export configurations like users, resource pools, LDAP etc.

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