I am building a scheduling app, where I assign schedules to certain members but those schedules can change at a certain date or be assigned for the future.

My database structure is like so:

members table:

schedule table:

assigned_schedules asch table:

The effective_to and effective_from values are a unix timestamp. I currently have joined the tables but my where clause is quite redundant and has errors in it. I am looking to get the schedule currently assigned for the current day of a member, or the closest assigned schedule if there is one assigned in the future. A member can have a schedule assigned to a future date and it would change at that time, but I am looking for a daily view.

Currently, I join all the tables and have this where clause (where the ? is today's timestamp):

( asch.effective_from <= ? AND ( asch.effective_to IS NULL OR asch.effective_to >= ? ) OR asch.effective_from IS NULL ) XOR ( ( asch.effective_from > ? AND asch.effective_to IS NULL ) XOR asch.effective_from > ? )

assigned_to value can be null, which means that the schedule has no termination time.

  • Is effective_from always before asch.effective_to? That would simplify the query.
    – Ken Kim
    Apr 25, 2018 at 18:00
  • @KenKim what do you mean by before? It does not have to be, no. I just need a way to get one record for each member, really.
    – Ice76
    Apr 25, 2018 at 18:18


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