Suppose I have a table named Service. But I have other tables that have a similarities with that table like RoomService, ConsultatonService, etc.

Can the Id of RoomService and ConsultationService keep a foreign key reference to Service table's ServiceId column but being identifiable by the Type column in the Service table?

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Yes, you can do it. Your services table will store all the common attributes between your sub-classes.

If you intend to avoid 1:1 relationships, you'll have to create, for example, an ServiceId column and do the relationship with it, using Id as PK of RoomService. By the way, there is no problems with 1:1 relationships, specially in your case, where you are creating specialized sub-classes.

In addition, the type column will be used by your application to determine which subclass the object is. Also no problem on that.

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