If my column has record like this:

"0,11.2,2,5,1-2,1,SAMPLE CLOT,',11.2 g/dl,14300,145,negative"

and column data type is text.

How can I find a record <7 (less than seven) from that column.

If i use cast(substring(p.result,1,2) as float) <7 then this error is occurred:

invalid input syntax for type double precision: " "

and for int this ERROR:

invalid input syntax for integer: "9."

So, I am stuck in there, how to do it.


select * from dg_result_entry_header h
inner join dg_result_entry_detail p 
     on h.result_entry_id = p.result_entry_id
where p.sub_investigation_id = 243 
      and h.result_date between '2018-04-01' and '2018-04-30' 
      and cast(substring(p.result,1,2) as int) <7
      and p.result is not null 

current table structure

Current Table Structure

i want only <7 count from result column and output like this

count <7


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    Please Edit your question and add the CREATE TABLE statements for the tables in question adding the desired output. Those answering need a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example. Use formatted text please, no screen shots. – Evan Carroll May 4 '18 at 7:06
  • @McNets: Actually lab result stored in that column and i have to find a HB record >=0 and < 7 but column has int,float,char everything data is present. – S Deshmukh May 4 '18 at 7:23
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    It is a comma-separated value list. Are you looking for the first element of that list? – McNets May 4 '18 at 7:24
  • @McNets : Just i am trying that, if possible. I had try lots of thing but cant't find any proper solution for that. 0,11.2,2,5,1-2,1,SAMPLE CLOT,',11.2 g/dl,14300,145,negative each record present in separate row and from that i wanna just < 7 records those are int. – S Deshmukh May 4 '18 at 7:28
create table tbl (val text);
insert into tbl values 
('0,11.2,2,5,1-2,1,SAMPLE CLOT,'',11.2 g/dl,14300,145,negative'),
('9,11.2,2,5,1-2,1,SAMPLE CLOT,'',11.2 g/dl,14300,145,negative'),
('3,11.2,2,5,1-2,1,SAMPLE CLOT,'',11.2 g/dl,14300,145,negative'),
('8,11.2,2,5,1-2,1,SAMPLE CLOT,'',11.2 g/dl,14300,145,negative');

You can get first element of the list using string_to_array() function.

select (string_to_array(val, ','))[1] from   tbl
| string_to_array |
| :-------------- |
| 0               |
| 9               |
| 3               |
| 8               |

Or filter rows using a cast in this way:

(string_to_array(val, ','))[1]::int < 7
select *
from   tbl
where  (string_to_array(val, ','))[1]::int < 7
| val                                                         |
| :---------------------------------------------------------- |
| 0,11.2,2,5,1-2,1,SAMPLE CLOT,',11.2 g/dl,14300,145,negative |
| 3,11.2,2,5,1-2,1,SAMPLE CLOT,',11.2 g/dl,14300,145,negative |

db<>fiddle here

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