I have 2 tables as below I column is common to both. Table 2 has FK from Table 1. enter image description here

I need to get the count of ID_Tag per BoxNo as result. Condition

  1. List all BoxNo and subtract the count if the ID_Tag appears in table 2.
  2. If BoxNo has 0 tags after subtraction do not display in the result

SQL Query I have tried

 Select tb1.BoxNo, 
        Count(tb1.ID_Tag) - Count(tb2.DelID_Tag) As NumberOfTags 
 From Table1 tb1 
   Left Outer Join Table2 tb2 on tb1.ID_Tag = Tb2.DelId_Tag 
 Group By tb1.BoxNo

I get the list of all the BoxNo with the count from Table1.

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This works for your sample data, but may need further testing (and possible adjustments) against a larger set of data.

--Demo setup
declare @Table1 table (Id_tag int, BoxNo varchar(5))
declare @Table2 table (DeleteID_tag int, Col1 varchar(5))

insert into @Table1(Id_tag,BoxNo) values
Insert into @Table2(DeleteID_tag,Col1) values

--The actual query
FROM @Table1 t1
        SELECT *
        FROM @Table2
        WHERE DeleteID_tag = t1.Id_tag

| BoxNo | (No column name) |
| A4    | 2                |
| A5    | 1                |

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