I have a 3 node setup and the 2 read only nodes are way behind (like 24 hours) from the rw node..

I saw here: https://bugs.mysql.com/bug.php?id=86797 to restart the lagging node and will pick up by itself.. since I was not very convinced I did this in just one node.. restarted ok and came to the cluster in "RECOVERING" mode such good... But now I am checking and the Q is super big getting bigger and when I compare the data in one table to the one in RW is updating.. just very slow like one a sec .. so is not picking up any slack.. it should go faster to pick up with the RW node right?

CHANNEL_NAME: group_replication_applier VIEW_ID: 15255041(deleted) MEMBER_ID: 47dbb651-XXXXX (deleted) COUNT_TRANSACTIONS_IN_QUEUE: 218417 COUNT_TRANSACTIONS_CHECKED: 0 COUNT_CONFLICTS_DETECTED: 0 COUNT_TRANSACTIONS_ROWS_VALIDATING: 0 TRANSACTIONS_COMMITTED_ALL_MEMBERS: 1667fe4c-5033-11e8-b942-(Deleted)-3140512, 617916a6-5032-11e8-ad5b-(Deleted):1-14 LAST_CONFLICT_FREE_TRANSACTION:

note: I added the deleted for privacy.
on my other node is also behind around 24 hours says Q is 0

select * from replication_group_member_stats\G *************************** 1. row *************************** CHANNEL_NAME: group_replication_applier VIEW_ID: 1525504100(Deleted):13 MEMBER_ID: 617916a6-5032-11e8-(deleted) COUNT_TRANSACTIONS_IN_QUEUE: 0 COUNT_TRANSACTIONS_CHECKED: 6846224 COUNT_CONFLICTS_DETECTED: 0 COUNT_TRANSACTIONS_ROWS_VALIDATING: 5921012 TRANSACTIONS_COMMITTED_ALL_MEMBERS: 1667fe4c-5033-11e8-b942-0cc(deleted):1-3173566, 617916a6-5032-11e8-ad5b-(deleted):1-14 LAST_CONFLICT_FREE_TRANSACTION: 1667fe4c-5033-11e8-b942-0(deleted) 1 row in set (0.0004 sec) I am researching but is confusing some is for mysql 8.x like this solution: http://lefred.be/content/mysql-innodb-cluster-how-to-handle-fc/

and other info I found is for master/slave so is not related..

Also looking into the parallel slave options but not sure if this will make any difference.

NOTE: the hardware is exactly the same on all 3 nodes.


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Hello for those out there with similar issues I fixed it thanks to this amazing blog post.
https://thoughts.t37.net/fixing-a-very-lagging-mysql-replication-db6eb5a6e15d basically my changes:

STOP SLAVE; SET GLOBAL slave_parallel_workers=40; START SLAVE; set GLOBAL sync_binlog=0; SET GLOBAL innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit=2; SET GLOBAL innodb_flush_log_at_timeout=1800;`

I already had the MT setup so just needed to add this and 40 workers. Hope this will help other people..

  • 40 seems excessive. While it was catching up, did you saturate the CPU and/or I/O? Were user unable to get much done on that Slave?
    – Rick James
    Commented May 22, 2018 at 23:52

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