I can run the following script without errors in pgadmin4

SELECT * from tbl

I have tried the following in datagrip

SELECT * from tbl


SELECT * from public.tbl

Neither of the above scripts worked. The following error was returned:

[2018-05-12 21:16:44] [42P01] ERROR: relation "public.tbl" does not exist
[2018-05-12 21:16:44] Position: 15

This ended up being really simple and a very silly mistake, but hopefully this will help someone else.

I simply needed to select the correct database. The default is postgres. The database I had my tables in was webadmin. You can change the database when you make your connection in datagrip. The screen where I made the change looked like this

enter image description here



It's better to change a search path at top right angle of the console search path selection

Refer to documentation

  • Pictures are worth a thousand words but an answer as a script showing how to change schemas is easier to search for by Google. – kevinskio Feb 25 '20 at 17:59

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