I want to get data dump from PDB(Transportable Database). DB version Enterprise Edition. Before I get export I applied oracle 27162931 and 27162975 opatch. Then I altered tablespaces except sysaux and system, temp and undotbs1:

alter tablespace users read only;

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Next I logged in to the database using sysdba and then created directory and granted read, write access:

CREATE OR REPLACE DIRECTORY exp_dir AS 'D:\export_db';


Then I logged from system and ran export command like below,

expdp system/XXXXXX@D1943 dumpfile=DB12cdmp.dmp directory=exp_dir transportable=always full=y version= logfile=exp_test1.log

But I'm getting error like below, Processing object type


ORA-39340: unsupported object, INDEX:"ABC"."SYS_IL0000903003C00006$$" will be skipped. ORA-39340: unsupported object, INDEX:"ABC"."SYS_IL0000903008C00002$$" will be skipped.

  • for now there is no real fix for it, as a workaround, you need to re-create unsupported object on the target database manually – Ahmad Abuhasna May 15 '18 at 9:16

ORA-39043 Or ORA-39340 May Be Raised During Full Transportable Export of the Database (Doc ID 2365679.1)

This issue is currently investigated in bug 27244546.

When encountering this problem, recreate the text index after importing into the new database.

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