Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make sure database is in Full recovery mode
  2. Run procedures (containing insert, updates) causing transaction log to grow
  3. use DBCC SQLPERF(logspace) to check transaction log size
  4. drop/create used procedures
  5. Observe that the Log space used dropped (in my case from about 20% to 0.5% with Log size unchanged)

I am unable to determine what is going on.

NOTE: This is a dev machine, nothing escept management studio queries interact with the database

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    Have you ever done a full backup of the database?
    – Dan Guzman
    May 16, 2018 at 10:50

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SQL Server acts like simple mode until you've established the log chain. This means that it will be happy to discard log information from already-committed transactions.

Paul Randal goes into a little more detail about the mechanics behind this here, but basically, this behavior will stop once you start proper backups:

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