I'm creating a survey for visitors of my event. However it's been a while since I created a database. So I need some help.

I found some solutions but they are way too extensive and that is something I don't need.

  • Visitors need to stay anonymous but they can leave their email behind (seperate table Emails that isn't linked to anything atm).

  • They have about 20 questions, some are open, some are one option(radio) and some are multiple options (checkboxes).

  • The questions need to be reusable.

That's about it. I just don't know how to go beyond the many-to-many in the diagram.


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Generally one row per respondent, and one column per question item. A battery of ten check-all-that-apply questions would thus get ten columns (either boolean or integer). Each open end gets a String field. During analysis, you can get fancy and aggregate questions, stack repeated batteries of questions, etc. in SAS, SPSS or Excel.

  • Thanks for the reply but I found my answer on stackoverflow :) Jul 12, 2012 at 17:52

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