I did the backup of my database:

-bash-4.2$ pg_dump -d mydb --format=custom -f /tmp/dump 

Below checked and I saw my functions there:

-bash-4.2$ pg_restore -l /tmp/dump | grep -i addconf
233; 1255 39949 FUNCTION public addconfiguration(text) mydb
247; 1255 39950 FUNCTION public addconfiguration2(text) mydb
273; 1255 39951 FUNCTION public addconfiguration3(text) mydb

Then I tried to restore one function using the Postgres pg_restore instructions:

-bash-4.2$ pg_restore -d postgres --function=addconfiguration2(text) -v /tmp/dump 
-bash: syntax error near unexpected token `('

I also tried without the parentheses and the arg, but it didn't work:

-bash-4.2$ pg_restore -d postgres --function=addconfiguration2 -v /tmp/dump 
pg_restore: connecting to database for restore
pg_restore: implied data-only restore

After the attempts I verified if the function was created using \df inside psql, but without success.

How could I restore functions using pg_restore?

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The parenthesis is special to the shell. You don't have to remove it, you have to quote/escape it to get it to pass through the shell.

pg_restore -d postgres --function='addconfiguration2(text)' -v /tmp/dump

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