I am making a database system where there are patients, doctors, categories and medical records.

  • doctor and patient has a relationship called treatments ( many-to-many )
  • patient and a relationship with medical record called patient-records ( one-to-many )
  • medical record and categories has relationship called record-category (many-to-many)

My questions:

How do I include the details and information of the medical record in the treatment relationship? Should I make a joined query and get the details of record from the patient?

My goal is to create a full record for the patient where all their history, diagnoses, and treatments are available as a sheet or web page.

  • Please edit your question so there's only one question. Right now it's running the risk of being closed as "too broad". Which alternative design to take is going to be a matter of opinion; we can only help you with the technical possibilities. My answer shows a direction you might be able to go. May 24, 2018 at 15:29
  • @Colin'tHart you mean i remove the second question ? May 24, 2018 at 16:00

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Yes! You can make a new table which has foreign keys to both treatments and patient-records.

But be careful either in your model or in your code that you don't associate patient-records from a different patient with the patient associated with the treatment... using natural keys is one way to solve this:

  • treatments has a primary or unique key (doctor, patient) -- Doctor and Patient can be surrogate keys -- and both of these are foreign keys to doctor and patient, respectively.
  • patient-records has a primary or unique key (patient, medical-record) -- similarly, these are both foreign keys.
  • your new table has a primary or unique key (doctor, patient, medical-record) -- and there are two foreign keys: one on (doctor, patient) to treatments, and the other on (patient,medical-record) to medical-records.
  • ok , does that makes the relationship between treatments and patient-records many-to-many with a new table or relationship between them? May 24, 2018 at 15:58

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