I have a query which takes indefinite time, taking almost 60% of CPU time for 3 hours then simply hangs the PLSQL process. What I do is:

  1. Get "explain plan" for the query
  2. I noticed a "table scan" in the "explain plan" graph
  3. I added an index for the specific column
  4. I refreshed statistics for this table

I now get "explain plan" but the figures are the same and no execution optimization.

Any ideas?

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    An idea: show us your query and plan and table and index definitions.
    – dezso
    Jul 12 '12 at 11:54

The optimizer may still look at the table scan to be a good idea. To insure the optimizer uses the index, have you tried adding a hint to your query to insure the optimizer uses the index? And echoing the earlier response, more information to work with would be nice.

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