After uninstall ORACLE is complete, I can see 'product' directory is removed and I checked sqlplus is not available anymore. The final message looked fine.

However, there is a remaining or replaced directory, which is named tfa. I've searched it and it is a kind of tool to help us find out what's going on.

My questions are:

  1. Why isn't it uninstalled?
  2. Is it installed automatically at the same time of ORACLE install?
  3. Can I remove it with rm command?
  4. After uninstall, what kind of things do I have to check?

My ORACLE version is 12c.

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  1. TFA is a seperate installation. It is not part of the database home. Uninstalling the database home does not automatically uninstall TFA.

  2. It is installed while executing root.sh, but it is a seperate installation.

  3. No. Uninstall it with $ORACLE_BASE/tfa/$(hostname -s)/tfa_home/bin/uninstalltfa.sh, as root user.

  4. None.


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