I have enabled SSL on MongoDB with optional SSL connection: preferred.

I have used lets encrypt in order to obtain SSL certificates. SSLs works as expected and in mongod.log file I can see that:

2018-06-02T06:46:26.664+0000 I NETWORK  [listener] connection accepted from MY_SERVER_IP:45442 #2953818 (121 connections now open)
2018-06-02T06:46:26.664+0000 I NETWORK  [conn2953818] SSL mode is set to 'preferred' and connection 2953818 to MY_SERVER_IP:45442 is not using SSL.

Now on the same host I try to connect to mongo using mongo client command like below:

mongo --ssl --host mongo.example.com --sslPEMKeyFile /etc/ssl/mongo.pem --sslCAFile /etc/ssl/ca.pem

when I use SSL mongo gives error:

MongoDB shell version v3.6.2
connecting to: mongodb://mongo.example.com:27017/
2018-06-02T06:48:34.156+0000 E NETWORK  [thread1] SSL peer certificate validation failed: unable to get issuer certificate
2018-06-02T06:48:34.164+0000 E QUERY    [thread1] Error: socket exception [CONNECT_ERROR] for SSL peer certificate validation failed: unable to get issuer certificate :
exception: connect failed

Why it reports that unable to get issuer certificate? Is there something in between that I have missed? Could someone shed some light on this?


I tried the below command too and got the error network error:

root@example2:~# mongo --ssl --host='mongo.domain.com' --port=27017
MongoDB shell version: 3.2.11
connecting to: mongo.domain.com:27017/test
2018-06-02T08:31:13.501+0000 E QUERY    [thread1] Error: network error while attempting to run command 'isMaster' on host 'mongo.domain.com:27017'  :

exception: connect failed

Now getting error network error while attempting to run command 'isMaster' on host.

In MongoDB server log it reports that:

Error receiving request from client: SSLHandshakeFailed: SSLHandshakeFailed. Ending connection from (connection id: 358957)

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By removing CAFile: /etc/ssl/ca.pem option from mongoDB config file, problem gone away.

  • It does go away, and that helped, but then mongod warns of no SSL certificate validation because no CA file.
    – jma
    Jul 30, 2018 at 6:43
  • 1
    @jma I have used x509 self signed certificate using openssl and provided both CAFile & PEMKeyFile to mongodb. With this configuration I have no problem.
    – Alireza
    Jul 30, 2018 at 7:40

I use tls arguments instead of ssl, in the following way:

mongo "mongodb://MONGOHOST:27017"  \
        --tlsCertificateKeyFile /etc/certs/mongodb-cert-key.pem \
        --tls \
        --tlsCAFile /etc/certs/CA-cert.pem


  • MONGOHOST should be in your /etc/hosts file
  • mongodb-cert-key.pem should have the certificate AND the key
  • CA-cert.pem must contain the certificate of the CA related to the previous certificate (mongodb-cert-key.pem)


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