After opening SSMS, I have found that the master database on one of our production servers is in Single User mode.

Result of select * from sys.databases shows, like SSMS, that the master database has a user_access_desc set to SINGLE_USER.

However, executing sp_helpdb 'master' says it is in MULTI_USER mode.

Nothing problematic noticed on the server. I can access server and master database through multiple threads.

Any ideas?


First, Run the


and confirm you receive the error Option ‘MULTI_USER’ cannot be set in database ‘master’.

Check your errorlog for any information that could explain why and when. Then

  1. Backup the master database
  2. Restore as a different database, example 'master_temp'.
  3. Switch master_temp to MULTI_USER.
  4. Backup master_temp.
  5. Restore master with the backup of master_temp.
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  • I was on a call with Microsoft for some other issue and asked them about this problem. Their answer was the same. Thanks. – TheNixon Jun 8 '18 at 7:04

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