I am trying to configure the MongoDB BI Connector.

I have installed mongodb-bi-win32-x86_64-v2.5.0.msi Mongodb version is 3.0.15

1.Started mongod

mongod --dbpath d:/data1 --auth

Started mongosqld mongosqld --auth --mongo-username xxxx --mongo-password xxx --mongo-authenticationSource admin

I am getting the following error

E SAMPLER [schemaDiscovery] unable to initialize schema: error sampling collection: failed to execute aggregate: unrecognized fi eld 'readConcern'

Let me know how to resolve the issue

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Your mongod version is too old... For 2.5 BI connector

As said here!

The MongoDB Connector for BI and associated utilities are compatible only with MongoDB server version 3.2 or greater.

  • yes. thats the mistake i guess. Thanks for the information Commented Jun 11, 2018 at 13:41

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