I want to set up Active Directory authentication for my users, who will be assigned to specific database roles. I also need to log activity and ensure I have captured the IDs of the indivudals connected.

I have found simple instructions on how to do it. ( How do I assign an entire Active Directory group security access in SQL Server 2008? )

... But Will SYSTEM_USER return the logon id of the active directory connection or the individual user? (Unfortunately I cannot test this!)


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A call to system_user will return the AD user's name in your case. For instance, if you have a user set up as YourDomain\YourUser1:

select system_user

-- this returns "YourDomain\YourUser1"

If YourDomain\YourUser1 is part of a AD group (i.e. YourDomain\YourGroup1), then it would still have the same output as above (returning "YourDomain\YourUser1").

  • Jon - I didn't spot the link you posted earlier. No reference to AD but a good reference to know about, thanks. Jul 17, 2012 at 8:28

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