I have followed the mongodb documentation to create a sharded cluster. I have created a config server replica set and shard replica set with 3 members each.Following is the procedure I followed as per the docs:

Step 1: Created config server replica set with 3 members:

mongod --configsvr --replSet "myrepl" --dbpath <path1> --port 27019 mongod --configsvr --replSet "myrepl" --dbpath <path2> --port 27020 mongod --configsvr --replSet "myrepl" --dbpath <path3> --port 27021

Step 2: Connected a mongo shell to one of the mongod instances:

mongo --host localhost --port 27019

Step 3: Initiated the replica set in the mongo shell created above:

rs.initiate( { _id: "myrepl", configsvr: true, members: [ { _id : 0, host : "localhost:27019" }, { _id : 1, host : "localhost:27020" }, { _id : 2, host : "localhost:270" } ] } )

Step 4: Created shard replica sets:

mongod --shardsvr --replSet "shardrepl" --dbpath <path1> --port 37019 mongod --shardsvr --replSet "shardrepl" --dbpath <path2> --port 37020 mongod --shardsvr --replSet "shardrepl" --dbpath <path3> --port 37021

Step 5: Connected to one member of the replica set and initiated the replica set:

mongo --host localhost --port 37019 rs.initiate( { _id : "shardrepl", members: [ { _id : 0, host : "localhost:37019" }, { _id : 1, host : "localhost:37020" }, { _id : 2, host : "localhost:37021" } ] } )

Everything is fine till here, the problem is in the next step:

Step 6: Connect mongos to sharded cluster:

mongos --configdb "myrepl"/localhost:27019,localhost:27020

Further it is stated to connect a mongo shell to this this mongos instance using mongo --host <hostname> --port <port> But it's not explicitly stated which host or port to use here. What host or port should I use here? And where should I execute the further commands to add shards?

Although I had a strong feeling this won't work (and it didn't :p), I tried executing mongo --host localhost --port 27019 and executed sh.addShard("localhost:37019") ,it gave an error- "no such command addShard"

Kindly help me out here,thanks!

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This is resolved now. What I did is to start the mongos at a specific port number,like:

mongos --configdb "myrepl/localhost:27019,localhost:27020 --port 47019

Then I connected a mongo instance to it:

mongo --host localhost --port 47019

Further I executed all the commands to add shards in this shell and it worked! Please correct me if I'm wrong

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