I'm newbie in SQL, I wonder if its possible to compare the values of two columns in the same row(s) using MYSQL.

e.g. I have a table called "Table" with two columns "data_a" and "data_b" which both are (int)

I want to get "data_a" value bigger than "data_b" value .

data_a   data_b
10        5
6         4
2         8
1         9

First of all, you shouldn't call "table" your table as it is a reserved word and can cause some confusion.

Have you read any documentation about querying ? You should start from here Query information

If you want to select all rows where data_a is bigger than data_b you can do it with

SELECT * FROM table where data_a > data_b

You can simply write query :

SELECT * FROM table WHERE data_a > data_b;

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