How does Oracle maintain Oracle Client software? I don't find Patch Updates for the Client Software of Oracle.

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A client-only installation is similar to a database server installation, but it has a reduced set of components. It can be patched with the database PSU/RU.

E.g. this is from the readme of the database PSU (11g, because the latest 12c readme does not have a similar section):

For each installation type, it indicates the most recent PSU patch to include new security fixes that are pertinent to that installation type. If there are no security fixes to be applied to an installation type, then "None" is indicated. If a specific PSU is listed, then apply that or any later PSU patch to be current with security fixes.

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Instant Client installations can not be patched with the same method, for that see: How to Apply a Patch to an Oracle Instant Client Installation? (Doc ID 1072125.1)

To patch an Oracle Instant Client installation:

  1. You would need a full client installation of the same version.
  2. Apply the patch to the full client installation, regenerate the instant client shared libraries.
  3. Copy the libraries to the Instant client.

It looks like the database server updates include client updates.

See this CPU:


Includes a fix to SQL*Plus which is part of the client.


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