I have an issue with one of my SQL Server 2014 databases. It appears to me that the Filestream size is significantly larger than the actual Filestream container folder size? ~360Mb larger.

The following query give me the location and size of the Filestream objects:

SELECT physical_name, (Size * 8 / 1024) AS SizeMb
FROM sys.database_files WHERE type = 2

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL12.SQLEXPRESS\MSSQL\DATA\FilestreamDB_FS 

Yet if I go to file explorer right click and properties to view the size of the folder it is 502Gb:

filestream container folder size

These figures used to match until 2 weeks ago. Why the disparity?

I am not convinced that it is compression. The reason is that until about 2 weeks ago Filestream was growing slowly and was only ~490Gb but over the weekend of the 30th June the size suddenly jumped (see attached image) and no longer matches the folder size - which it used to. The only things running at the weekend would be maintenance jobs, such as index rebuild etc.

I have read How It Works: FileStream (RsFx) Garbage Collection and have tried to force the garbage collector to run; however, it did not free up any extra space. This database is in simple recovery mode.

Additional information

Database Size:

Database Size

enter image description here

Database Size History:

enter image description here



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