My current user is pronto

mediapop_staging=> select current_user;
(1 row)

This user a standard super user created on AWS RDS.

mediapop_staging=> \du pronto
                        List of roles
 Role name |          Attributes           |    Member of
 pronto    | Create role, Create DB       +| {rds_superuser}
           | Password valid until infinity |

But I'm getting this:

mediapop_staging=> REASSIGN OWNED BY pronto TO mediapop_staging;
ERROR:  permission denied to reassign objects

Why? How can I resolve it?

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    rds_superuser is not the same thing as a PostgreSQL superuser. This is fundamentally a RDS question, not a plain PostgreSQL question, so you should tag it appropriately. People who only know the community version of PostgreSQL probably can't help you. – jjanes Jul 16 '18 at 13:29
  • It worked for me. sysadmintips.com/services/databases/… – Spike Jul 9 at 10:02

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