I am using:

  • SQLite version 3.21.0

I look for away to prettify my SQLite SELECT shell output (to make it more human readable, in essence). This answer helped me a lot.

Though, now I am wondering if there are ways to:

  1. Set a column width to be equal exactly to the width of its header? I went through the corresponding section of the documentation — the closest thing it mentions is .width 0, which effect is explained as follows:

    If you specify a column a width of 0, then the column width is automatically adjusted to be the maximum of three numbers: 10, the width of the header, and the width of the first row of data.

    if it was only 'the maximum of two numbers: 10 and the width of the header' — it would suffice my needs, though '...and the width of the first row of data.' spoils it for me.

  2. Is there a way to set width of all columns to be the same, without knowing in advance how many columns are there? E.g. instead of doing .width 5 5 5 for 3-column SELECT, I would like to do something like .width all 5.


The sqlite3 shell is designed to be simple, so there are limited customization mechanisms.

There is no built-in way to modify the widths in this way.

You'd have to either modify the shell's source code, or use some alternative shell written in a scripting language.

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