i am trying to create a new database along with another database. The server already has a database running. I used DBCA command to create the new db instance. First i set the new SID and home and then ran the dbca command.. But half way through installation im getting the error


ORA- 01158: database already mounted

  • Either that file exists or you have permission issues. What are your control files as defined in your init.ora? – sandman Jul 18 '18 at 8:06

First of all, you could check the newly created init/spfile (under; linux: $OB/dbs - or - win: $OB\database) if everything is set correctly (SID and Service Name, Datafile location...)

I also would advise you to check all your env. vars, the error says “Database already mounted” - it seems it’s trying to create a .ctl for your already-running database.

You can try this to start fresh;


  • copy your actual .profile in .profile_new
  • modify .profile_new as per your need ($OH, $ORACLE_SID,...)
  • ./profile new
  • check you’re all set: env
  • start dbca again


  • open cmd as Admin
  • set ORACLE_SID=[your new SID]
  • set ORACLE_HOME=[your new $OH]
  • run dbca

Last thing, i would take a look at the oraInventory/oraInst.lok file, to check if there’s the old $OH set - if yes, move the file away (just to backup it) and restart the dbca.

Hope one of this solutions helps.

  • Thanks a lot ..it worked now....when i got this error first ..i tried creating another database...so the error kept coming ...When i checked i saw, eventhough the installation failed with this error ,the database got created ..So i used DBCA to delete the created database ...and set the env properly...then it worked – arun Jul 25 '18 at 8:29

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