I am from MSSQL background and trying to learn MYSQL on a windows server 2012 VM. I want to create a user in MYSQL and the user is also a domain account. Please give me the script to get it done or is it a limitation of MYSQL.

CREATE USER 'domain\abc'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY 'password';

If I try the above command then it's creating a user by name 'domainabc' in mysql

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By default, MySQL server accounts, with the default authentication plugin, are completely unrelated to system or network users. That means that (again, stress on by default), whenever you run: CREATE USER you are creating a mysql-only account, no matter if it has the same name than other system (os) or authentication methods.

However, MySQL has available authentication plugins, which you can enable on a per-account basis, and link it, for example, to OS accounts or LDAP/domain network accounts.

I am personally not familiar with Microsoft Authentication methods (I am myself a Linux administrator, so I only familiar with plugins such as unix_socket and PAM) but a quick search tells me that such plugins indeed exist:


I can even see MySQL installed on Linux servers using PAM to authenticate using windows servers:


If you were unsuccessful with trying those, or don't want to pay for them, you could setup an external utility to sync domain users with MySQL local users.

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    Although the question is specifically about MySQL, it could be noted that MariaDB, the most relevant MySQL fork, provides pluggable authentication for free, see e.g. the GSSAPI authentication plugin.
    – dbdemon
    Jul 20, 2018 at 10:07

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