I'm trying to execute the following:

--@body='Hi from sql server in a sproc'
@query='select 1'
,@subject = 'Test'

When I uncomment @body line, and comment the query... line it works. With the query it returns:

Msg 22050, Level 16, State 1, Line 0 Failed to initialize sqlcmd library with error number -2147467259.

I have a developer edition on my own workstation and it all works no problem

I tried:

  • Installing .Net 3.5
  • Adding myself to db_owner and [DatabaseMailUserRole]
  • Adding [NT Service\MSSQLSERVER] to db_owner and [DatabaseMailUserRole]
  • Same as above with [NT SERVICE\SQLSERVERAGENT]
  • Are you using sqlcmd to run this query or some other tool ? Have you tried a different tool and does it suffer from the same error ? – Błażej Ciesielski Jul 23 '18 at 22:46
  • @BłażejCiesielski I'm using the built in Database Mail. No external tools – MotKohn Jul 23 '18 at 22:48
  • I'm asking about the software you are using to run the stored procedure against your database. Is it SQLCMD ? SQL Management Studio ? SQL Operations Studio ? Something else ? – Błażej Ciesielski Jul 23 '18 at 23:02
  • @BłażejCiesielski SQL Management Studio – MotKohn Jul 24 '18 at 14:16
  • 1. In Management Studio go to Query menu and try enabling/disabling "SQLCMD Mode" option - i suspect this might be turned on and you might some corrupt instalation of Management Studio that raises errors when SQLCMD mode enabled. 2. Can you try a different tool to execute the procedure and see if it works e.g. SQL Operations Studio or event the windows command line tool SQLCMD ? – Błażej Ciesielski Jul 24 '18 at 18:04

Have you created a mail profile and assigned an account to the profile? See the how to by Pinal Dave @ SQL Authority

First create a mail profile, assign the profile a valid account, and enable Database Mail XP's

Once those steps are done and tested, test your script

    @profile_name = 'ProfileName'
    --@body='Hi from sql server in a sproc'
    @query='select 1'
   ,@subject = 'Test'
  • My profile and account works for mail that does not have a @query parameter - so it has nothing to do with my profile and account setup. – MotKohn Jul 23 '18 at 22:33

The Database Mail Profile that is used for the SQL server agent need to be a member of DatabaseMailUserRole in the msdb database.

The stored procedure sysmail_add_account_sp is in the msdb database and is owned by the dbo schema. The procedure must be executed with a three-part name if the current database is not msdb.

Permissions: Execute permissions for this procedure default to members of the sysadmin fixed server role.

You should start stored procedure with Execute


EXECUTE msdb.dbo.sysmail_add_account_sp  
@account_name = 'AdventureWorks Administrator',  
@description = 'Mail account for administrative e-mail.',  
@email_address = 'dba@Adventure-Works.com',  
@display_name = 'AdventureWorks Automated Mailer',  
@mailserver_name = 'smtp.Adventure-Works.com' ;  

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