I am currently working on designing a schema for a scheduling system involving a show and different types of competition.

The requirements are:

  1. A show can contain n competitions of different types (e.g. running, jumping etc.)
  2. A competition of a certain type (e.g. running_competition) can only contain running_competitor in its schedule
  3. running_competitor is a parent of multiple sub competitors in this discipline. For example: individual_running_competitor, squad_running_competitor.
  4. Although those specific competitors share a lot of properties they can never be in the same schedule, thus a schedule inside a running_competition can either only contain individual_running_competitor or only squad_running_competitor

My current design is:

   id: PK_show

   id: PK_competition
   show_id: FK_show

   id: PK_running_competition

   id: PK_jumping_competition

   id: PK_running_competitor
   type: String ("I" == Individual, "S" == Squad)
   running_competition_id: FK_running_competition

   id: PK_jumping_competitor
   type: String ("I" == Individual, "S" == Squad)
   jumping_competition_id: FK_jumping_competition

This schema does not prevent a schedule to mix between individual and squad competitors. One obvious solution would be to have a type of running_competition for each of the specific types (maybe with a type identifier as i did with in the competitor tables), but this would create a lot of classes on the code side (only differing in the type of schedule items) How can i solve this?

To make matters even worse: I would also like to have some kind of shared break item inside a schedule of a competition which can be used regardless of type. I thought about just using a separate list for those break items inside the competition, but this seems a little bit awkward.

Thanks for any hints or suggestions

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