I have a PostgreSQL 10 script for which I would like to declare variables once at the beginning and then use them throughout the script (with possible transactions).

I know I can do:

DO $$
DECLARE test float := 0.1 ;
    < do whatever here>
END $$

but that makes me declare the variables each time I have a BEGIN / END block.

  • I ended modifying my script and have a long DO-BEGIN-END section. Not what I wanted but it works. Aug 13, 2018 at 9:02

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There are no global variables per se in Postgres. But we have "customized options" that can be streched for the puropose.

SET myvars.test TO '0.1';

Persists for the duration of the session (not just transaction). Use with:

SELECT current_setting('myvars.test')::float;

Be aware that values are stored as text. So you may need to cast as demonstrated.

To avoid exceptions when referencing an unset variable and get NULL instead:

SELECT current_setting('myvars.test', true)::float;


There are a number of other workarounds, too:

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