Table A: Col1 [TicketSubject] Col2 [Createuserid] Col3 [Modifyuserid] Table B: Col1 [ID] Col2 [Name]

How I imagine it would work

SELECT a.ticketsubject
INNER JOIN TableB ON A.col2 = B.id
INNER JOIN TableB ON A.col3 = B.id

I wish to show create and modify as user name from table2.

  • Not entirely clear what columns from which tables you want; can you add sample data for each table, and expected output? – Mark Stewart Aug 3 '18 at 1:51
SELECT a.ticketsubject
     , b.name AS creator
     , c.name AS modifier
  FROM TableA AS a
  JOIN TableB AS b  ON b.id = a.col2
  JOIN TableB AS c  ON c.id = a.col3
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