I set up a maintenance plan that contains three sub-plans. One sub-plan for hourly log backups, one sub-plan for daily maintenance, one for weekly maintenance. These are custom plans set up using Ola Hallengren's SQL Maintenance Solution.

The last sub-plan to successfully run was the hourly at 8 pm on the July 21st. After that nothing. No plan executions or failed executions. I have reset the schedules and still, the plan does not run. When I manually execute each sub-plan they complete successfully. The maintenance plan history does not say anything, as if the plan is just not running.

I am stumped as to what could be causing the failure of the scheduled job.

I ran a simple test job, executing Select 1 every minute for 4 minutes, and the schedule worked.

Discovered that the schedules had been disabled. I have re-enabled them and the maintenance plan is running as expected. #PEBKAC ;)

Daily Maintenance Plan Screenshot


Instead of using the Maintenance Plans feature, simply create a SQL Server Agent Job with steps for each of the tasks you've defined in the plan.

SQL Server Agent Jobs provide a far easier mechanism to control flow of jobs, and provides great success/failure alerting.

Check that the schedule for the Maintenance Plan is enabled, and set to run when you expect it to...

enter image description here


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