MySQL has feature of logging all sql queries - General log.

But this log does not contain queries durations.

How to log all sql queries to analyze those durations?

  • The is some mysql-slow.log or similar, it logs the queries whose execution time was longer as a specific duration. You can configure this value. I can't remember the exact details, probably it is somewhere in my.cnf. Hopefully others will give you a full-featured answer.
    – peterh
    Aug 14, 2018 at 17:09

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I got an answer after writing a question, but i want to share it to community.

Just set up Slow log and set SET GLOBAL long_query_time = 0.

You will see all sql queries with durations in slow log file.

  • And once you have done that, use pt-query-digest or mysqldumpslow -s t to discover the 'worst' queries and deal with them.
    – Rick James
    Aug 25, 2018 at 15:05

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