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Restore SQL Server 2012 backup to a SQL Server 2008 database?

I have created a database on SQL server 2012 with compatibility mode for SQL server 2008 (100). When I do a backup and try to restore it on an SQL 2008 I get an error. Same goes for attach/detach.

Is there a way to move/restore/migrate it to SQL Server 2008?




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Your only avenue is to export the database and then import it back on SQL 2008. SSMS has an Export/Import Wizard you can give a shot. Other tools exists from 3rd party vendors like Red Gate's SQL Compare to copy the schema and Data Compare to copy the data. I'm sure there are more. The gist of it that you need to go through some sort of export/import, SQL Server does not support any downgrade path for the MDF format. Obviously, you must not had rely on new SQL Server 2012 features like columnstores.

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