I am trying to create Failover Cluster on SQL Server 2017 on RHEL 7.3 Linux, following this document from Microsoft:


I have installed SQL Server 2017 on both nodes (local storage) as per the document. But after step 3, there is note which says:

At set up time, a Server Master Key is generated for the SQL Server instance and placed at var/opt/mssql/secrets/machine-key. On Linux, SQL Server always runs as a local account called mssql. Because it’s a local account, its identity isn’t shared across nodes. Therefore, you need to copy the encryption key from primary node to each secondary node so each local mssql account can access it to decrypt the Server Master Key.

Can anyone please help as to what exactly what to do here? Do I have to replace the server master key of the secondary node, by copying it from primary node. Or just have to copy and paste it there?

enter image description here

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