is it possible to retreive the value of a column AND the descirption of each column? I want to see the description behind wach value.


        information_schema.COLUMNS AS c
        LEFT JOIN pg_description as d ON 
        d.objsubid = c.ordinal_position
        TABLE_NAME = <a.tablename> AND column_name = <colname>) as description
FROM table as a
WHERE true;

The table should by look like this:

id: serial 'no description';
col1: int2 'Column One';
col2: int2 'Column Two';


1, 10, 11
2, 20, 21
3, 30, 31

The result should look like this:

1, 10 (column one), 11 (column two)
2, 20 (column one), 21 (column two)
3, 30 (column one), 31 (column two)

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The only way I can think of is something like this:

select t.id, x.remarks ->> 'id',
       t.col1, x.remarks ->> 'col1',
       t.col2, x.remarks ->> 'col2'
from the_table t
 join lateral ( 
    select jsonb_object_agg(a.attname, col_description(a.attrelid, a.attnum)) as remarks
    from pg_attribute a 
    where a.attrelid = t.tableoid
    and a.attnum > 0
 ) x on true

The inner query aggregates all column descriptions of the table into a single JSON value that can be accessed easily in the outer query.

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