There are two tables in PostgreSQL:

//has 2.2 millions rows 
create table account (
    account_id text primary key,
    email text not null,
    created_at timestamp not null

//has 1.8 millions rows
create table account_intercom (
    account_id text primary key references account(account_id),
    intercom_id text not null

It's easy to notice ~400k rows difference between these tables.
I want to select these 400k account_id and perform some operations with them in order to eliminate this "gap".

I tried this query:

SELECT account_id, email
  WHERE intercom_id IS NULL;

But it runs extremely slow.

What is the way to speed up this query?

QUERY PLAN                                                                
 Hash Left Join  (cost=75252.40..207091.91 rows=1 width=46) (actual time=30056.787..87284.881 rows=417195 loops=1)
   Hash Cond: (account.account_id = account_intercom.account_id)
   Filter: (account_intercom.intercom_id IS NULL)
   Rows Removed by Filter: 1799858
   ->  Seq Scan on account  (cost=0.00..47840.67 rows=2221867 width=46) (actual time=0.010..13484.228 rows=2217053 loops=1)
   ->  Hash  (cost=36919.51..36919.51 rows=1800551 width=48) (actual time=30018.683..30018.683 rows=1799858 loops=1)
         Buckets: 65536  Batches: 64  Memory Usage: 2722kB
         ->  Seq Scan on account_intercom  (cost=0.00..36919.51 rows=1800551 width=48) (actual time=0.008..9801.883 rows=1799858 loops=1)
 Planning time: 0.333 ms
 Execution time: 88794.797 ms
  • You should never use NATURAL JOINS Aug 30, 2018 at 20:31
  • What version of PostgreSQL, and on what hardware? I can run this query in less than 5 seconds on a low-end laptop.
    – jjanes
    Aug 30, 2018 at 20:49

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You should write it like this with a NOT EXISTS statement

SELECT account_id, email
FROM account AS a
  FROM account_intercom AS i
  WHERE a.account_id = i.account_id

Make sure your stats are uptodate and your table clean,

VACUUM FULL account;
VACUUM FULL account_intercom;

Paste the updated EXPLAIN ANALYZE

  • Be careful with VACUUM FULL - depending on the size of your tables it will lock for all operations. Aug 31, 2018 at 0:45

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