The app I'm working on revolves around projects. Each project can contain several lists, and each list is made up of several items. Each list relates to a single project.

Is it better to have one listitem table structured as such: id, list_id, event_id, content or 2 tables; one containing the relationship between project and list, and the other containing only list items and their relationship to a particular list?

Is it better to have just one table of which each row would be a list item, including that item's relationship to a project and the name of the list it belongs to:

list_item(id, project_id, list_name, content, <<other attributes>>)

or, have one list item table for all of the list items in the app and and a separate list table:

list(id, project_id, name, description, <<other attributes>>)
list_item(id, list_id, content, <<other attributes>>)

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It sounds like you want three tables

  1. PROJECT( project_id, <<other attributes>>)
  2. LIST( list_id, project_id, <<other attributes (e.g. the name of the list)>> )
  3. LIST_ITEMS( list_item_id, list_id, <<other attributes>>)

Combining the LIST and LIST_ITEM tables wouldn't be appropriate because then you'd be storing attributes of the list (i.e. the list's name and description) in multiple rows of the LIST_ITEM table rather than just once in a single row of the LIST table.

  • Thank you, correction made. The project table was a given, there are actually many more tables for other functionality but as the question deals specifically with the list aspect I only mentioned those. Why do you suggest to have a table containing the relationship between projects and lists? Is it not more efficient to store the id of the parent project directly in the LIST table? A list can only belong to one project, and a list item can only belong to one list – therefore it is technically possible to use just 1 table. My question is basically why I should NOT do it this way.
    – bernk
    Jul 29, 2012 at 21:35
  • To clarify: list_item( id, project_id, list_name, content )
    – bernk
    Jul 29, 2012 at 21:36
  • @bernk - If each list relates to a single project, then I would get rid of the project_list table and add the project_id to the LIST table. It seems odd that you wouldn't want to potentially reuse a list across multiple projects though-- it seems like that would force users to do a lot of redundant data entry. Jul 29, 2012 at 21:57

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