I have two tables. One is user. user has two columns.

  • user_id
  • user_name

The other table is product. product has two columns.

  • product_type
  • seller_id

seller_id is a foreign key of user.user_id.

An example of product_type is "laptop". I want to list all the names of users who are selling laptops. (SQL Query)

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  • The only thing you need is to upbuild the task's words in correct order and form - you need to SELECT user.user_name FROM user, products WHERE products.seller_id = user.user_id AND products.product_type = 'laptop'. – Akina Sep 4 '18 at 17:15
SELECT user_name FROM user u
                WHERE product_type = 'laptop'
                AND p.seller_id = u.user_id)

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