I get the following error when I try to do a point in time recovery

[inst20@localhost ~]$ db2 rollforward database sample2 to 2018-09-01-15.16.00 and stop SQL4970N Rollforward recovery stopped on the database named "SAMPLE2" because the rollforward utility cannot reach the specified stop point (end-of-log or point-in-time) on the following database partitions: "0".

The rollforward operation follows a restore operation.
On the other hand the rollforward completes successfully if I specify the end of log operation

Can someone please help me the cause of this error.

--- edit posted as answer:

Actually I was trying to practise roll forward recovery, the sample2 database is a test database with just one table. I took and online backup at 3 p.m then, inserted two rows in the table at 3.14 and 3.30 p.m. I wanted to bring the database as it was at 3.15 p.m after inserting row1 but I am uable to do it, all I can do is rollforward the database to end of logs. I still don't get the reason I am unable to pit recover the db to 3.15pm


You need to keep in mind that, by default, the ROLLFORWARD command operates using the UTC time zone.

Unless you’re working in UTC, you probably want to specify USING LOCAL TIME in your command:

rollforward database sample2 to 2018-09-01-15.16.00 using local time and stop;

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