I have a production sql db of 600gb and a historical server where i move the full db every month. Now we want to have only the last 3 months information on the production server, and move every week data from the production DB to historical server, to then delete each register which have more than 90 days old.

I couldnt find the best way to do that. Should i save the date of each register i put on the database to know when it was stored? Does sql server have any function to know when a register was stored?

Both database are stored on AWS, so it´s easy to move data between them. Thanks a lot!

  • Most people doing stuff like this use SSIS. It's a pretty natural fit for moving chunks of data. Commented Sep 11, 2018 at 0:50

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You can look into replication as well (not sure if it works on AWS though)

[Prod SQL] --> [Archive SQL] constantly

periodically delete on Prod: anything > 90 days
periodically delete on Archive: anything > 365 days maybe?

If not replication, does "linked server" work on AWS?

Not sure what you mean by "register"

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