I have a table in PostgreSQL with below fields, where timestamp is simplified as integers:

ts  status
1     m
2     m
3     i
4     s
5     s
6     i
7     i
8     m
9     s
10    m

I want to break then aggregate rows based on the presence of the 's' status, to spit out an additional column which I can use to easily group rows:

ts  status  flag
1     m      1
2     m      1
3     i      1
4     s      1
5     s      1
6     i      2
7     i      2
8     m      2
9     s      2
10    m      3

The dynamic column flag shall increment whenever status changes from 's' to something else.

I don't see a clear pattern to partition by. How to do this?

  • Please remember to always disclose your Postgres version. And typically also a table definition (CREATE TABLE statement). Example: It matters whether columns can be NULL ... – Erwin Brandstetter Sep 16 '18 at 20:39

Two levels of window functions.
To keep the code short, you can combine the aggregate FILTER clause with the outer window function:

SELECT ts, status
     , 1 + count(*) FILTER (WHERE previous_status = 's' AND status <> 's')
                    OVER (ORDER BY ts) AS flag
   SELECT *, lag(status) OVER (ORDER BY ts) AS previous_status
   FROM   tbl
   ) sub;

db<>fiddle here

Assuming current Postgres and all columns NOT NULL.

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