When you drag the Columns folder to editor Window, the full list of Columns are added without Brackets. If you drag columns individually they have Brackets.

Is there anyway to turn that off? I'm unable to find anything in options, and they're really a distraction.


There isn't a way to prevent this. Microsoft feels that it is better to prevent you from shooting yourself in the foot, probably since the number of people out there who create databases, objects or columns with bad names (e.g. my table or date) or reserved keywords (e.g. log or timestamp) outnumber those who never do so.

There was a Connect item asking for this option, and it was very quickly dismissed and closed as "Won't Fix." And in fact many more users were asking that square brackets be added to places where they previously didn't work.


If you are running SSMS 2017 at least v17.6, there is now an option to turn this off. In the options dialog, go to "SQL Server Object Explorer" and then to "Commands". Under the "Drag/Drop" heading is a new option "Surround object names with brackets when dragged". By default, this is set to True, so just change it to False. SSMS may need to be restarted to make the change effective.

Note: Any objects that need the brackets (eg. with spaces or other whitespace/non-alphanumeric characters, reserved keywords) will still have brackets when drag/dropped.

  • Yes, it's an improvement. But if you right-click a table and choose Select..., it still brackets the column names. – Gordon Bell Aug 7 '18 at 15:30

While there isn't any option that I am aware of to turn off this feature, a simple ctrl+h and then replace both [ and ] with an empty space will quickly remove the brackets from the generated t-sql scripts.


I heard ssms 2017 v17.6 solved the issue with a setting configuration. but I haven't figured out how it can be set.

  • Technically this answers the question, but it's not a terrifically useful answer as it stands..... – RDFozz Mar 26 '18 at 15:27

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